Hi-Trans Express Standard Label Format



This documentation will outline the standard label format used by Hi-Trans Express.


Barcode Format

The above is the standard Hi-Trans label format with the prefix YC being a standard for all of our customers.

  • The Barcode ID is a prefix that Hi-Trans uses to identify the correct barcode mask/format
  • Item Number identifies each item on the consignment, for example, if 4 pallets are on the consignment, the label on pallet 2 of 4 should read YC02XXX
  • Consignment number is the full consignment number of the movement.
Please note customers who require a three digit item number will need to use the YZ prefix instead of YC, for example YZ001HET12346

Ideal Label Design

Customers building their own label should refer to the design template shown below.

Key details to go on a label are...

  • Connote Number (Large text)
  • Service Code (Large text)
  • To Location (State e.g MEL / SYD)  (Large text)
  • Receiver Name  (Bold)
  • Receiver Address
  • Receiver Suburb & State (Large text)
  • Item number and count (1 of 2)  (Large text)

Traditional Barcode Format

The Traditional barcode format that is used is code 128, this barcode is a necessary requirement to ensure label scannability. 

Data Matrix Format

The 2D barcode is a 20x20 ASCII DataMatrix, this barcode is not essential however it is preferred to have this format on the final label design.