What Is EDI

EDI Integration is an ideal solution for streamlining your operations and ensuring that we have your freight information as soon as it’s available. All that's required is that we are sent the information in a structured file format via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI for short is the exchange of data in an electronic format between our customers and us. Moving to an electronic data exchange can benefit both Hi-Trans Express and our customer's businesses as it will help by reducing costs, increasing processing speed and reducing data errors

The Benefits Of Doing An EDI Integration:

  • Details received is correct - e.g number of items, description, address detail, size and weight are entered correctly decreasing the likelihood of there being any errors

  • Pickup and delivery planning starts as soon as the information comes in, ensuring we get your customer's freight picked up and delivered on time

  • Automatic processes - Information sent via the EDI will be used to streamline the entire freight movement. e.g. booking creation through to connote delivery

EDI Import Options

We have two EDI integration methods available to our customers.

1. Via Our Online System

  • Customers can manually create consignments and bookings online

  • All information such as sender and receiver details are saved for quick data entry for future consignments

  • Once your customer has finished creating a consignment they can instantly create a booking

  • All freight that is labelled will be trackable via our track and trace system

2. EDI Direct Into Our System

This option does not require our customer to use the Hi-Trans Online system, instead, our customer's system is able to directly import the consignment data into our Jaix Freight system.

Keep in mind customers are still required to print and provide all documentation to accompany their freight

  • Consignment Notes

  • Freight Labels

  • Correct Dangerous Goods documentation if required.

Export Facilities

We are able now able to offer our customers a new feature that allows us to export live data to our customers via FTP or Email.  This feature allows our customers to get the latest information about the whereabouts of their freight right from their own third-party system or via an email.

What the export sends to a customer

  • Pickup Created Online

  • Pickup Acknowledged by our fleet controller

  • Pickup Allocated to a local truck

  • Pickup Completed

  • Added to a manifest

  • Manifest Arrived at the depot

  • Delivery Allocated (Runsheet created)

  • Delivery completed

  • Sign On Glass image

  • Scanned Documents (POD, etc)

What Next?

Review the documents in the links below and then email our helpdesk (helpdesk@hi-trans.com.au) and provide us with an IT contact and what options you would like us to enable. From there our IT department will do the rest.